Warrumbungling in Oz

Eastern Gray Kangaroo

Eastern Gray Kangaroo in Warrumbungle National Park


It’s my last day in Warrumbungle National Park, a few hundred miles inland from the east coast in New South Wales and edging up toward the subtropics. Usually this is a dry, brittle place, but this year it’s humid and jungly. 

Luckily the campground has lots of trees and I’ve had my tent snugged under one that gives pretty good shade. When I took down the tent around ten this morning, it was already like an oven inside. Temperature’s about 95 degrees now, dense and muggy with only a slight breeze. They say Warrumbungle means “Crooked Mountain”, for the jagged volcanic peaks and plugs, but I figure it should mean “Sunstroke.” Continue reading

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Snakes and High Water

Red bellied black snake

Red bellied black snake visiting my campsite--highly venomous but shy


I’m camping now in Warrumbungle National Park, in the northern part of New South Wales, a couple hundred miles inland from the coast. This isn’t all that far from the huge floods in Queensland. I’ve always avoided going inland during midsummer here, but decided to give it a try. The forecast called for reasonably cool temps, but turns out that still means pretty hot. It’s probably in the mid-80s but very muggy, and the sun is extremely strong.  

Basically I’ve been lurking around all day from one patch of shade to another. Continue reading

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Holy Cow! Encounters Goes Down Under

Black Angus cows running in field

Black Angus on a cattle station in NSW, Australia

I’m on a cattle station in New South Wales in Australia, working on a program about cows.
I had an excellent time this morning with a little herd of about 35 black Angus cows and their calves, grazing in a broad, open pasture. I wanted to record their sounds, so I approached very slowly and then stood in one place for a long time.

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Full Moon and Roaring Tides

Powerful tidal current in Sergius Narrows

The powerful tidal current in Sergius Narrows, taken from Wayanda Ledge, where the Encounters Tide program was recorded

For a recent Encounters program about Tide, I made a solo trip by skiff to Sergius Narrows, about 30 miles north of Sitka, Alaska.  It was one of those great, beautiful adventures.  Everything went perfectly, including the weather–two days of rare October sunshine and nice easy water for boating.

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