Links of interest for Encounters listeners

Raven Radio
The country’s best community public broadcasting station. Based in Sitka,Alaska, with over 100 volunteers and eclectic programming, it is broadcast in the Southeast Alaska communities of Sitka, Kake, Angoon, Tenakee Springs, Port Alexander, Pelican, Yakutat and all around the Southeast Alaska fishing grounds.

Mountaineer Press
Richard Nelson is a contributor in a fascinating new book, The Last Polar Bear, published by Mountaineer Press. The book has some of the best photographs of polar bears anywhere and includes the writings of Theodore Roosevelt IV, Daniel Glick and others who are keenly aware of the impact of global warming on the icon of the North.

Alaska Conservation Foundation
At the hub of the Alaska environmental network, in touch with both local and national efforts to conserve Alaska ’s wild natural resources, Alaska Conservation Foundation does important environmental protection work around the state.

Sitka Conservation Society
Based in Richard’s hometown of Sitka , SCS seeks to encourage a new regional economy that leaves industrial destruction to the past, and is based on 1) commercial fishing, 2) subsistence hunting, fishing and gathering, 3) recreation, and 4) visitation.

Trust for Public Land
A land conservation and open space resource for landowners, government agencies and community groups interested in protecting land for human enjoyment.

Southeast Alaska Conservation Council is dedicated to preserving the integrity of Southeast Alaska ’s natural environment. An environmental organization that has representation in 14 Southeast Alaska communities, SEACC works to preserve Southeast Alaska ’s rugged, wild landscape.

Esther G Marine Wildlife Tours and Water Taxi
Skippered by Captain Davey Lubin , naturalist and long time Alaskan, Esther G marine wildlife tours takes passengers to see some of the wildest places in Southeast Alaska. Esther G can deliver you to a remote beach for a rare hike, unique camping experience or special getaway.

Island Institute
The Island Institute cultivates uncommon conversations about the nature of vital communities – the web of human relationships and responsibilities, and our connections to the greater natural world.

Alaska's National Wildlands
Many Encounters programs are recorded in Alaska's spectacular public wildlands--including national parks, national wildlife refuges, national forests, and other protected areas. Places like Denali National Park, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and the Tongass National Forest are known throughout the world for their natural beauty and abundant wildlife. Permanently protecting these areas and opening them for anyone to experience is among the greatest accomplishments of American democracy.

The following official websites are a way to start learning about these places:

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