Bird Migration

Text by Liz McKenzie      Photos and Sounds by Richard Nelson

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Some of Alaska's Migratory Birds
To play sound, move cursor over slide, and click on the play arrow. To hear songs of some of the migratory birds featured in the slide show, click on Summer Voices below.


Miracles on Wings

Imagine waking up to a May sunrise and hearing a bright new song in the back yard. It takes a sharp eye to pick out the singer, a miniature bird with a voice as brilliant as its gleaming golden feathers.
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Champion Migrants

In the avian world there are athletes of all stripes—high altitude fliers, darting aerial gymnasts, masters of desert heat or arctic cold. But perhaps the most remarkable of all are the long distant migrants.
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In Our Hands: The Future of Migratory Birds

Birds have been around for at least 100 million years—an incomprehensible span of time, especially when we consider that the first human ancestors only appeared about 3 million years ago.
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Summer Voices

A selection of photos and recordings of some of the migratory birds that nest and spend the summer months in Alaska.
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