Text by Liz McKenzie      Photos and Sounds by Richard Nelson

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Caribou and Their Arctic Home

To listen to the world of the caribou, move cursor over bottom of slide, then click on the play arrow. Listen for the clicking of thousands of caribou hooves.


Dancing Across the Top of the World

For many thousands of years, caribou have been awakening the quiet world of the north as they've journeyed across the landscape during their annual migrations.
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Caribou People

Caribou have always been extremely important for many Alaskan and Canadian native communities, along the arctic coasts and in the boreal forest farther inland.
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Caribou in an Energy Hungry World

Caribou are at the center of an ongoing debate concerning petrochemical development in two areas in Arctic Alaska—the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.
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