Text by Liz McKenzie      Photos and Sounds by Richard Nelson

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Winter in the Far North
To listen to the sounds of winter, move cursor to bottom of slide, and click on the play arrow.


The Nature of Cold

Strange things happen when the temperature sinks to 40 or 50 below zero…or even colder. Tree trunks crack, ice on rivers and lakes makes deep resonant booms, and sparks snap from fingers to door handles and light switches.
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Living North: Animal Adaptations

In the North summers are fleeting and winters long—up to 8 months—and brutally cold. Temperatures can plunge to minus 70 degrees. Gales make it feel even colder, and deep or drifted snow can make simply moving around an energy-draining ordeal.
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Protecting the Body Fire

In the traditions of Koyukon Indian people—who live near the Arctic Circle in Alaska's interior—cold is not just an element of the physical environment; it is a powerful, conscious, and sensitive spiritual being.
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