Humpback Whale

Text by Liz McKenzie      Photos and Sounds by Richard Nelson

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Humpback Whales in Southeast Alaska
To listen to humpback whales' blows, feeding calls, tail slaps, and songs, move cursor over bottom of slide, and click on the play arrow.*


The Show-Off Cetacean

As whales go, humpbacks aren't the biggest—a "mere" 40-45 feet long compared to 60 foot sperm whales and 100 foot blue whales. But humpbacks are arguably the best loved and they're definitely the biggest show offs of all the cetaceans.
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Songs and Sounds

No one is certain when humpback whales appeared, but it's possible that their songs are another ancient legacy from the ocean world.
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* Humpback whale recordings were authorized under NOAA scientific research permit 14122 to Janice Straley.
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