Text by Liz McKenzie      Photos and Sounds by Richard Nelson

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Moose and Their Boreal (and Urban!) Home
To listen to the moose's world, move cursor over bottom of slide, then click on the play arrow.


The Endearing, Improbable Moose

If ever there was a creature with a confusing mix of body parts, the moose is it. Some parts seem too big—the outsized nose and huge ears, a bulked-up torso and massive rack. Other parts seem too small—long, slender, racehorse legs holding everything up and a ridiculously stubby tail that's not even good for swatting the prolific summer insects.
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Traditional Knowledge: People of the Forest

Successful moose hunters must have detailed and sophisticated knowledge of the animal. In Athabascan cultures—like those of the Koyukon and Gwich'in people, mastering skills of the hunt is essential for success, but equally important is knowing how to show respect for the animal, its spirit, and its home.
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