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The Salmon Series

Videos by Liz McKenzie

Secrets of a Winter Salmon Stream

The Salmon Forest

The Miracle of Salmon


Learn more about the miraculous life cycle of salmon.

Learn more about the important relationship between people and salmon.

Learn more about how salmon connect the forest and the sea.

Learn more about the history of salmon (and why the past matters).

Learn more about the future of Alaska's wild salmon.

For listening:

Salmon in Indian River
Salmon Subsistence
Salmon: The Miracle

For Further Reading:

Atlas of Pacific Salmon
Alaska’s Wild Salmon
Fishes of the Last Frontier
King of Fish: The Thousand-Year Run of Salmon
Reaching Home: Pacific Salmon, Pacific People
Salmon in the Trees
Sustaining Alaska’s Fisheries: Fifty Years of Statehood
The Island Within
Make Prayers to the Raven
Hunters of the Northern Forest

Important Links:

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Alaska Fish and Wildlife News
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US Fish and Wildlife Service

This project was partially funded by NOAA Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Funds administered by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fund.

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