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A New Chapter for Encounters

Brown bears and salmon...interwoven lives. On the Katmai Peninsula, Alaska.

Encounters is moving in a new and exciting direction! Over the past year, Richard Nelson and Liz McKenzie have been busy producing videos, creating written and photographic posts, and recording natural sounds.

We've focused on one of the most fascinating and important creatures on earth—Salmon. Our interests include not only these amazing fish, but also the vast and interconnected world of water, land, and people that salmon weave together.

Over the weeks ahead, we’ll be making changes to the website, creating a home for our new SalmonWorld content.  In the meantime, you can explore our salmon postings at The Salmon Project.

You can still find all of the Encounters Radio Programs here, and there's a whole lot more about northern nature in the Wild Explorer Section.

Producing Encounters radio programs over the past ten years has been an incredible adventure. Although that part of the adventure has ended, we're excited about the new one that's just beginning....with SalmonWorld.

We're more committed than ever to discovering and celebrating the wild bounty of Alaska, the far north, and other magical places. Stay tuned for lots more! And please join us on Facebook.

What is SalmonWorld? 

The North Country is famous for its abundant and charismatic wildlife—grizzly bears, moose, whales, caribou, eagles. But none of these comes close to the importance of salmon for northern communities and environments.

Nearly all Alaskans can witness the annual runs of salmon near their villages and towns. They love to eat salmon; they either fish for salmon or know someone who does; they watch salmon, read about salmon, celebrate salmon in art and song, pray for salmon; make their livelihoods from salmon; and shape their year around the annual runs of salmon.

Salmon are also vital to literally hundreds of other animals and plants throughout Alaska and the North. Sea lions and killer whales prey on salmon; brown bears and river otters snatch them from streams; bald eagles and swarming gulls scavenge on their remains. The great runs bring nutrients to our forests of ancient trees.

SalmonWorld explores all of this and more, through stories and videos, photographs and sounds, arts and antics. SalmonWorld ranges everywhere in Alaska, today and in the past. And we roam down the coast from Canada to California…and beyond, following the fish that feed people throughout the world.



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